To smooth & ease your awakening path!

Meet my Guides

That’s Healing, No Joke!

This is a highly tailored healing experience.
Among all my sessions this is one of the most requested and advised.

Why? Because it works wonders!

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Spirit Guide Channeling

Hey, I’m YOUR Spirit Guide!
Let’s have a chat!

Channeling is a psychic art in which the channel receives and delivers love, healing and guidance from the higher realms.

In this session You’ll be able to clearly receive your Spirit Guide/s message and guidance, raise questions and be overwhelmed by divine love.

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Reiki Distant Healing

What about energy healing?

Ancient Japanese healing and self-healing method, Reiki is based on divine energy channeled by the practitioner to the receiver.

Suitable for people of any age especially those suffering from physical pain, anxiety, stress, depression and general disorders.

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Pranic Healing

A modern healing method
with ancient roots!

Based on pure energy transmission, meditation and prayers it summarizes the most effective traits of some of the main ancient healing techniques.

It dramatically boosts the immune system, heals and improves body functions, releases emotional and psychological blocks, heals bonds, traumas and helps you to free your full potential.

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Tired of ordinary psychotherapy?

Pranic Psychotherapy

Pranic Psychotherapy is the application of Pranic Healing techniques to healing and alleviating emotional and mental imbalances.

Pranic Psychotherapy® offers you the opportunity to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns from your field and start a new, effective, recovering process.

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Yes! YOU can do it!

Learn how to use divine energy and how to awake your natural Self-Healing powers to optimize health, relationships and life.

Discover how to remove blocks and tensions to free your energy flow.

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Past Life Healing

Unlock your potential and wellbeing.

Past life healing is a therapeutic technique for accessing a person’s past lives to uncover the source of unusual attachments, phobias, blockages, pain or unwanted patterns.

By identifying and healing the roots of the "unexplained" disturbances we bring more love, harmony and freedom into the present too.

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Copper Pyramid Healing

Ancient Technology For Self Care.

Thanks to the vibrations generated by this specific kind of Pyramid, you speed up Self-Healing and ease your Spiritual Growth.

Built with Giza Great Pyramid’s proportions, this ancient spiritual booster is one of the many blessings we inherited from past technologies to attune with the Divine and bring harmony in our whole being.

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It’s Time for more Harmony?

Soul Alignment

Poor energy level and weak will power, exhaustion, sadness and lack of optimism are the main symptoms of a neglected soul.

By giving your Soul attention and by truly listening to it, you start an aligning process that guides you towards your real life mission. This opens the doors to magnetize more love, harmony and enthusiasm for life.

Align your soul with the Universe to create the life you’re here to live.

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Channeled Meditation

This highly healing meditation is channeled only for you in order to support, nourish and guide you in this specific moment of your life.

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Let's map out your next steps

Are you stuck with your life or certain aspects of it?

Things are not flowing anymore?

Are you confused about the next steps to take on your spiritual or personal path?

If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions, a mentoring session is definitely your best next move.

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