Meet my Guides

That’s Healing, No Joke!

Meet my Guides

That’s Healing, No Joke!

This is a highly tailored healing experience.

Among all my sessions this is one of the most requested and advised.


Because it works wonders!

Performed by my Guides through me as a channel, it delivers the most spot on and effective healing and mentoring experience you can imagine.

It gives you exactly what you need (and what you’re ready to welcome) in this specific moment of your life and growth.

Sessions - Paola Cimarosti (27)

Fully channeled, seen from outside might look like a magical blend of methods like energy healing, past lives, spirit guide channeling, unconditional love, harmony, soul alignment and ancestors’ line healing.

It’s a deep and joyful experience that offers clarity of vision, comfort, harmony, better health, higher awareness and long lasting inner peace.

This fully Channeled Session is for you if:

  • You’re really open to receive and really willing to change
  • You want a holistic experience that touches all times and dimensions
  • You feel it’s time to align more with your soul to move forward in your life
  • You want to explore the beauty of the YOUniverse starting from the wonderful being you are
  • Other healing methods didn’t work

If enough is enough, and you want to make change:

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