Copper Pyramid Healing

When The Past Heals The Present

Ancient Technology For Self Care

As Humankind we are moving into the 5th and higher Dimensions where Unconditional Love lies.

To get there we have to pass through several stages of growth including letting go of fears, painful memories and control, and instead developing fully, a deep trust.

Thanks to the vibrations generated by this specific kind of Pyramid, you speed up Self-Healing and ease your Spiritual Growth.

Sessions - Paola Cimarosti (32)

Copper Pyramid Healing is for you if:

  • You're ready to surrender to Love
  • You want to harmonize you whole being and soul
  • You're curious but not skeptical
  • You want to experience a real expansion
Pyramid Healing Paola Cimarosti

Built with Giza Great Pyramid’s proportions, this ancient spiritual booster is one of the many blessings we inherited from past technologies to attune with the Divine and bring harmony in our whole being.

Aimed to support the Heart Chakra opening, the Pyramid balances and aligns Body, Emotions, Mind and Soul.

Welcome into that wonderful place where there is no space and time, just Love..

This session can be performed distantly with the same amazing results.

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