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Giving voice to the Divine

Channeled meditations, messages and thoughts.

I'm Paola, a Natural Spiritual Healer with a strong aptitude for channeling.

At 6 years old I spontaneously started to channel and to access Akashic Records.

I discovered only many years later, when I was 28, how these “special things” were called.
It was then that my Spirit Guide asked me to channel for others too.
It took a while to dare to do it as it’s a big responsibility, but with the time and thanks to the wonderful feedbacks I’ve fully allowed myself to do it.

It quickly become a spontaneous and constant flow and for the last 20 years all my activities like sessions, workshops, retreats and meditations are happily channeled.

For that are so spot on and effective.
Here are a few podcasts you are welcome to enjoy.
I hope they’ll support your awakening path and help to strength your own connection and trust in the divine and… in yourself.

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Full Moon Meditation

on Gratitude

A fully channeled meditation on gratitude to honor those who helped you and give them back love & blessings.

Keep love flowing...

Reiki Self Healing

Guided Meditation

This meditation is part of my Reiki Courses and one of the most important practices on your Reiki or Self Healing path.
Easy to follow, it guides you through a different dimension where everything is possible.
It's a great way to start your day and a very effective support for a deep and restorative sleep.
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Spiritual Exercise

Grounding for a heathier life

This visualization is very useful in difficult times to gain stability and to re-center.

It's also important to:

  • align before and after performing energy healing
  • to close a deep meditation
  • to start your day with a positive and strong energy
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Searching for a present?

A channeled Spirt Guide message or a tailored Meditation are great ideas for your loved ones!

Love channeling?
Check out my Connect With Your Spirit Guide Program.

I’ve created to help you relating with your divine helpers and to receive clearer, direct, guidance.

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