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I’m Paola, a devoted channel for divine guidance and healing.

Since 2001 I’ve been professionally supporting people like you to ease their spiritual awakening journey and falling in love with it.

Enthusiastic about life and humankind’s potential, I’ve been on the spiritual awareness path from a very young age.

Read more to discover why working with me means you'll get perfectly customized and spot on blend of:

  • Divine Guidance
  • 40+ years of passionate research in healing, spirituality and human potential
  • 20+ years of professional experience
  • 50+ years of a deep love for life


It all happened by itself!

At the age of 6, I spontaneously began channeling and accessing the Akashic Records.

Only many years later did I learn the proper terms for these “special things”.

To me, this was normal, and I was genuinely convinced that everybody did it.

By age 13, I was already an avid reader of whatever spiritually related material was available in the little mountain village in the Dolomites (Italy) where my parents chose to live.

Nothing else was so interesting and resonating with me.

Nothing else resonated with me as much.

This is how I discovered that there was a place in the world called India where, like me, people believe in reincarnation and have a very spiritual approach to all aspects of life.

This brought me immense joy and a sense of belonging. I wasn’t alone in my journey on this planet! Yippee!

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Trust_Paola Cimarosti

The turning point.


At 16, following an incredible series of amazing synchronicities, the universe captured my full attention first, and an unshakable trust followed as a consequence.

There was undeniably a loving presence up there interacting with me.

I genuinely opened my soul to it.

We began a wonderful dialogue of synchronicities and channeling that stimulated my already awakened psychic skills.

This profound connection marked a pivotal moment that significantly influenced my whole life!

"The constant presence of whatever was manifesting, along with complete trust in it, supported me through the following years, which proved to be the longest and darkest of my life."


Everything starts from you!

The bond with the divine grew into a consistent, steady stream of guidance and nourishment.

The healing journey took years, filled with daily research, inner explorations, shadow work, meditation sessions, insights, and abundant love from cherished friends I was blessed to have around me.

Despite the prolonged pain, the unconditional trust in the universe and in my guides kept me going.

Their constant communication and loving presence transformed the inner pain into tranquillity followed by pure enthusiasm and love for life!


Observing the universe’s perfection at work is simply mesmerizing.

Challenges become wonderful opportunities to work side by side with the universe, learning about unconditional love and admiring its perfection.

Digging deeper into understanding its workings, aligning with it, and growing in harmony has become my favorite pursuit and genuine passion.

The universe is the most captivating and compelling spectacle we could ever witness, fueling my fervor for it.

It’s a kind of giant, jaw dropping, “Cirque Du Solei” that one can quietly admire and choose to become a conscious and active part of it by tuning in and merging with a big wave of harmony, beauty and even… fun!

about Paola Cimarosti


The daily commitment and a growing passion for spirituality, psychology and human potential have played a significant role in my resurrection and journey towards unconditional love.

So, a decade after my darkest night of the soul, starting from profound healing needs,I found myself happy, joyful, and stable, equipped with extensive self-healing experience and valuable knowledge.

It was the end of 2000, I was 29, and the universe still held a big surprise for me!

Discovering the wonders of Energy Healing!


From self-taught survivor to professional

Along my steady self-healing journey I’ve passionately explored several aspects of spirituality and applied various methods for personal growth.

Bach Flowers, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, spiritual laws, psychology, Ayurveda, visualization (just to name a few) along with constant guidance from my Spirit Guides and the valuable support of a few wonderful mentors, led me out of the murky waters and unveiled my true essence.

Apparently, I was ready for the next step: Energy Healing.

Reiki and Pranic Healing unexpectedly entered my life.

These studies deepened my understanding of energy dynamics, optimizing  what I had instinctively been practicing since childhood."


Wow! Doors opened, and the journey became even more fascinating and colorful.

In 2001, I earned certification as an advanced Pranic Healer, specialized in Pranic Psychotherapy.

Following several exciting months devoted to intense self-healing, I humbly began practicing on others.

The astonishing results further deepened my growing passion for energy healing.


All the knowledge I acquired spontaneously blended into highly tailored sessions, conducted by my Spirit Guides and channeled through me.

New talents like past life regression and automatic writing manifested during this time.

It seemed someone above was pleased with our collaboration. By the end of the year, my Spirit Guide asked me to leave my job and focus solely on healing sessions.

After a moment's hesitation, I gave my bosses a week's notice and, as always, blindly followed the guidance.

Thus, in 2001, just before Christmas, I began my professional career with only 2 paying clients, a high rent, and an unshakable faith.

An exotic note

In 2004, life took an unexpected turn, leading me to reside in the Holy Land of Sinai (Egypt).

Originally planning just a couple of weeks exploration of the desert and Bedouin culture, the universe had other plans.

Within 10 days of my arrival, it sent me a couple of clear signs..

So, I never took my return flight, extending my stay for a few more months.. and a few more months..

You can imagine the rest!

In the wide landscapes of the Sinai desert, my gypsy blood found its freedom, and my soul settled, deepening my connection with the divine above."

This is where I achieved Reiki Mastery, lead unforgettable Desert Therapy Retreats, and offer online sessions, workshops, courses, and life changing programs globally.

paola cimarosti sinai desert

From the Holy Land of Sinai, I share my love with you to:

  • Enhance your spiritual journey.
  • Radiate your light joyfully.
  • Celebrate your achievements!

Paola Cimarosti

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