Past Life Healing

When The Past Heals The Present

Past Life Healing

Unlock your potential and wellbeing

Past life healing is a therapeutic technique for accessing a person’s past lives to uncover the source of unusual attachments, phobias, blockages, pain or unwanted patterns.

By identifying and healing the roots of the "unexplained" disturbances we bring more love, harmony and freedom into the present too.

In this session you’ll not be taken back to the past, don't worry, I will access the Akashic Records and share with you the memories and information you need to unlock this specific moment of your life.

Sessions - Paola Cimarosti (31)

Past Life Healing is for you if:

  • You feel there is something still unexplained or unsolved
  • One of your past lives or old bonds  are affecting your present incarnation
  • Your soul needs to heal from past traumas
  • You’ve complicated relationships and recurring patterns

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