Exclusive Channeled Meditation

Exclusive Channeled Meditation

This highly healing meditation is channeled for you specifically to support, nourish and guide you in this specific moment of your life.

Sessions - Paola Cimarosti (18)


  • Super relaxing, inspiring and healing
  • Exactly what the Universe knows you need to be in harmony and in love
  • A smooth way to deeper understand yourself and your current life challenges
  • A real boost of unconditional love and divine nourishment.
Awakening made easy - paola cimarosti (19)

This meditation is channeled and recorded live for you specifically.
There is no editing, so you can enjoy the pure divine guidance in all its beauty and power.

Btw, it’s also an original (and super appreciated) present for your loved ones!

No previous meditation experience is required.

The Channeled Meditation is for you if:

  • You want to connect more with your Spirit Guide
  • You’re in a special moment of your evolution and appreciate some guidance
  • You want to deeply surrender in the universe’s safe hug
  • You’re seeking a super exclusive journey

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