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Jana Lenze

I really enjoyed and embraced the meetings I had with Paola so far. The Reiki 1 course was in a beautiful location and lots of interesting insights and techniques were learned. The full moon meditation in the desert was really beautiful and transforming.


Reiki 1 Course & Full Moon Meditation

Jackie Redhage

I feel very fortunate to have spent a day learning the nuances of Reiki with Paola. She created a safe learning environment and shared her wisdom in such a kind and loving manner. It was an amazing experience that I wish everyone could have!


Reiki 1 Course


United Kingdom
I called Paola because I was suffering anxiety and panic attacks! During my first session I actually felt the shift in my body and by the end I felt so much more relaxed and less stressed.The difference was remarkable, especially to a sceptic like me!


Private Session


I did a healing session with Paola and later I also joined in a self love workshop in Dahab, Egypt. The healing session was very supportive, because it helped me clear out old issues with my family. The support from Paola during this session was extremely helpful as it helped me release a lot of heaviness. The selflove workshop was with a group a beautiful women under the guidance of Paola. We shared our personal stories in a safe space, and Paola helped us see our own experiences from a higher perspective, and directed us to what is important in loving ourselves. We did a group meditation that was very powerful. I am thankful to have been a part of it and, days later, I am very much feeling the benefits of both experiences. Thank you!


Session & Workshop


Thank u for the this great day and completely new experience and feelings πŸ’• Sending you all my gratitude and love. This Master Reiki Course was amazing. You gave us so many information and feedback. So, I felt the energy much better than before. I learned how to sense better. I learned how to trust myself more thanks to you. you also made me feel much more confident about myself and my spiritual abilities. Your guidance through the process is priceless and of course your energy input was on a high level. I feel I will meet your again especially that I will do my best to maintain my vibrations on the same level.


Reiki Master Course

Alia Om Sina

Sinai, Egypt
Paola gently helped lead me into a magical awakening. She helped me tap into my own powers and lead me to heal many physical issues and pain. I'm in awe, and still listening to my body for more changes. I welcome this new chapter in my life and thank Paola for her wisdom, knowledge, strength, leadership and love. Cheers to new beginnings!


Healing Session


My time with Paola was one of the most significant spiritual events I've had in my journey thus far. Being able to speak with my spirit guide through her channeling was extremely needed and helpful during this time in my life. I have had a different outlook and practice in life ever since. Thank you so much!!!


Spirit Guide Channeling


Paola is wonderful and I'm really happy to meet her on my way. Paola helped me tremendously! Feel much happier and lighter with more energy and wisdom after individual sessions and looking forward for a new one! πŸ™‚ As well participated in 3 online meditations guided by Paola, very powerful and lovely! Thank you so much, dear Paola!


Mentoring & Meditation

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