Reiki Distant Healing

The world's most known ancient Japanese healing method

Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki is based on divine energy channeled by the practitioner to the receiver.

Aura and all chakras are involved in a relaxing, long lasting purification and balancing process.
Reiki delivers harmony and self-awareness while re-establishing wellbeing.

Suitable for people of any age especially those suffering from physical pain, anxiety, stress, depression and general disorders.

Reiki distant healing - paola cimarosti

Reiki is for you if:

  • You’re seeking for a gentle although powerful energy healing method
  • You want long lasting results by healing imbalances and disharmonies from their roots
  • A relaxing and nourishing experience is on your wish list
  • You like to maintain yourself in a joyful state and in good health

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