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Reiki Healing

The world's most known ancient Japanese healing method.

Reiki is an ancient easy, safe energy healing method and a great support to spiritual awakening.

Easy to learn and practice, it can be used on yourself, others, pets and situations in order to deliver light, love and as a consequence, healing.

Reiki s an hand on modality based on divine energy channeled by the practitioner to the receiver.

Reiki distant healing - paola cimarosti
Sessions - Paola Cimarosti (27)

To practice it it requires only your hands, pure intentions, ethics and a constant joyful work on yourself.

The complete Reiki training path from beginner to Master foresees 3 levels.
You can study all of them or stop anytime an still being able to efficiently to practice on self and others.

Each Level has an Initiation also called Attunement.

In each degree you are attuned to a higher frequency which you’ll be trained to channel.

Even if healing others is not your actual target, you can learn Reiki till the Master Teacher degree for Self Healing and Personal Growth reasons.

Many people do it as Reiki is a great spiritual support and booster!

Level 1

  • It's main aim Self-Healing.
  • You study Energy Anatomy, Reiki History, Lineage, Principles and Ethics.
  • You learn how to channel divine energy and to trust in the process. You get closer to your Spirit Guides opening new ways to connect with them.
  • With R1 you can also work on others after having developed a good self-healing practice and routine.

Level 2

  • You learn how to professionally work on others.
  • You have a deep review of R1 program and you study: 3 of the 5 Reiki Symbols, Distant Healing, Different Healing Methods, More Ethics, How To Fully Surrender To The Divine Guidance.
  • You learn different ways of channeling and performing a session.
  • With R2 you can professionally work on others and perform distant healing.

Level 3 - Master Level

  • You learn how to train and attune others.
  • You have a deep review of R2 program and you study: the remaining 2 Reiki Symbols, Ethics as a Master.
  • In this level we dedicate a loooooot of time to your questions, eventual duobts and challenges, so you learn from them and deepen your own experience so far..
  • With R3 you can teach others and attune them to the 3 Levels of learning.

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