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"Paola is an amazingly gifted woman, working with her has given me the wings to soar high and reach my goals, the meditation sessions allowed me to see my blockages and work through them.

I left feeling powerful, super, and light.

I would recommend anyone with emotional problems to work with Paola.. You will be amazed"

Susan, UK

Paola is an amazingly gifted woman, working with her has given me the wings to soar high and reach my goals, the meditation sessions allowed me to see my blockages and work through them.

I left feeling powerful, super, and light.

I would recommend anyone with emotional problems to work with Paola.. You will be amazed.

Susan, UK


Dear Paola, Thank you very much for your hospitality to enjoy the last Full Moon Meditation in this year. It was great and a lot of energy was floating through my body. Can you imagine, all my body pains disappeared completely. Wow, simply magic healing energy, what a fantastic experience again for me. Thank you so much, Paola.

Sabine, Austria


Lots of interesting exercises related to balance in this morning's class. This is an area I really need to invest time to practice as I know it is s weak area for me! Thank you Paola Cimarosti!

Bekky, Wales


Very spiritual and emotional, spreading positive energy :) 
The meditations with her is really different, as Paola says they are channeled meditations that really take you to another world! The private sessions are very tailor made and she always keeps the positive energy.

Laura, Italy

I am really thankful for you .. I am feeling more confident of myself, i am not doing things that stress me just to please people anymore! I feel free! And that is sooo relaxing! Thank you from all my heart!

Itrina, Lebanon


The energy I thought before was equal to power, but Paola taught me how to clean myself, surroundings, protect, heal with different approach to the energy. She advises me to use white, but on specific situations she allows me to use different colors. All the teachings are beautifully incorporated with yoga, meditations. And she is the first guide who let me experience a lot of changes in my life without hurting the core principal of the religion, which I carry with me since baby age.

Justina, Ukraine



So as I begin my healing sessions with such an incredible soul like you, and I must say as a first timer I had no idea what to expect, and as you start I realize I can feel your energy unblocking mine and how sensitive and healing you are is a real gift! I mean how do you describe magic?! Maybe a simpler physical way is when I realized how my panic attacks disappeared by the first 2 sessions!! Then my anxiety level decreased to minimum, my level of grounded-ness and control is always growing!!! Of course I must say the sessions afterwards were a gift of your healing energy, yet, the stress management workshop was the best sealing to all of that new magic I get to be with your support, you are an absolute Angel, healer, magical and so much goodness for the mind to understand, you did not just heal me; you taught me how to keep it growing… 
Thank you for the new more connected and able me.
Gratitude to all that let us meet and forever keep it. Thank you for being such an inspiration, teacher, friend, support, and magic… much much love, I wish you all and more. <3

Rasha, Egypt


Thank you PaolaSole Cimarosti for the energizing and inspiring meditation this morning! I really learned through you to listen to my body and understand how to change some dark thoughts to light! 

Jannik, Germany


Hello. Paola. It's Hiro. 
It was great to meet with you.
Thank you so much for your beautiful treatment and sharing your light. 
I'm feeling much better after that. 
Meeting with you was very big gift for me too.
I was kind of loosing myself. but now. I knew that where I can go!
This is great feeling:)))
Thank you so much again.
and I'm looking forward to having our next session!!!! 
Have a beautiful day:) 
Hiro, Japan


I have never tried a energy-healing sessions before, only a certain type of body therapy and yoga. I was not really sure what to expect but as soon as the session started I felt in the right place.

I felt comfortable and moved in the same time – Paola’s hands triggered different feelings depending on their position. A couple of minutes into the session (I think it was only a couple of minutes!) I fell half asleep and only came back for a few seconds at a time – but didn’t notice that state until we finished the session later. It was quite hard to stand up afterwards, I felt somehow glued to the earth under me (in a positive way), so I just stayed there for a while until I was ready to go and continue my day. Although I was totally relaxed directly after the session, I noticed that an inner tranquility appeared maybe 1 or 2 hours after the treatment. It seems that some effects take some time…
Paola was able to identify tense and blocked areas in my body without even feeling the muscles, which I found very impressing.

It was a very positive experience for me, a very welcome break in my day which is usually dictated by kids and work.

Even today, one day after the session, I still feel some of the tranquility inside me – although I feel I would need a couple of sessions to make this a more permanent state.
A big thanks to Paola for giving me this experience and a piece of her time.

Zenia, Egypt

For me it was the second time to have a session like this. Not really the same but similar. But this time it was a very nice
experience because Paola is a very nice, very emphatic and professional person and we stayed at one of the most wonderful places in wadi Lahami.

We stayed in the shadow nearly one meter next to the very blue water of the Red Sea. I lay down on a couch hearing the water lapping softly against the beach and felt the wind on my skin.
Paola applied her hands on my body and I felt comfortably, I was
really relaxed and felt my body reacting. my legs started to pickle and became warm. When she touched my brow and pressed a special point of my head my head became warm too and felt to be
supplied with blood.

I felt more relaxed than before. on one side of my body Paola recognized a blockade of my blood flow....we talked about a potential personal problem I often think about...Paola did this in a very kind way like a friend and after our little conversation I felt more comfortable
and she felt my blockade became smaller and my right leg started to become warm too.

After this hour I felt a lot of tranquility inside me more than before although I am in a very happy and
pleased period of my life.
Concluding I can say it was a very nice experience, depends on the
very nice person in combination with the wonderful place in the desert and after the session I nearly didn't want to stand up and continue my day.....thank you very much!

Sabrina, Switzerland

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