You Can Make It!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

When you are desperate, sad and angry.

When you hate the world and everything looks too much to be taken.

Remember that it is just a temporarily state.

Take a break from anything and anyone.

Prise yourself with a silent walk, best if in nature.

Rediscover your breath.

Rediscovet how difficult is to just cut off the pain.

How easy is to run away from your own self.

Bring a book that gives you good vibes.

A sketchbook and some colours.

Fresh fruit.

Water and a treat.

This is your survival kit.

Mobile on flight mode.

And fly..

Stay, even if you want to escape. Observe...

Let the pain to flow out.

Make space for the Universe to talk to you.

Love is all around...allow yourself to receive it.

Once is time to come back, indulge a bit longer.

Thank yourself for having had the courage to dive in the present moment.

From now on life will be easier.