Winter Regeneration

Winter invites to slow down and fully retire for a while.

Allows you to guiltlessly take a break, collect our thoughts, soul and being, in order to recover and regenerate.

Often our inner rhythms are influenced by the unnatural life speed. We are on a fast spinning carousel which doesn't care of our real, individual, needs.

It is Full Moon you have to be/feel/do that.

It is New Year's Eve, you have to make a balance of your life, properly create the following months in order to have a great decade.

It is Idon'tknowwhat you have to...


It definitely doesn't work like that unless you really feel attuned with it.

What matters is your own reality and connection with your higher self.

No point to "create a great decade" within Jan 12 if you're not feeling to do it.

Maybe you are in a different phase of your journey and your needs are far from how "it should be".

For instance, no surprise if you didn't feel a special shift on New Year's Eve, in fact energetically New Year started on 11/01, the day after January's Full Moon.

If you are one of the sensitive persons not aligned with the modern rushy "spiritual" schedule, don't feel wrong, you are not.

Just remember that is your soul's rhythm that really matters. It is better to create a wow 2020 on mid February when you feel ready for it, than to force yourself to stuck to a high induced timing.

It might sound obvious, I know, but recently I saw so many people stressed out for trying to keep running a "spiritual" marathon.

Inner growth needs gentleness and relaxation.

Needs connection with the Soul which has to deeply anchor in the Universe flow to which belongs.

Doesn't matter what is written in the calendar, is the overall Harmony/Balance that has to be respected.

So embrace the Winter Goddess.

If you feel to rest do it, detach from the world, its rhythms and.. the sense of guilt.

At Spring you'll be ready, happy and super energized :)

Paola Cimarosti