When Spring Booms

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Have you ever waked up with the strong sensation of been brand new?

In a totally new life’s stage.

Feeling that, despite the calendar, it is definitely Spring?!

As you probably noticed in the last weeks several old patterns came to the surface requiring a new, powerful, healing round.

We’ve been taken back to our wounds’ roots with the task to heal every single aspect of them.

And now a new lively energy is released.

That kind of energy which comes by recognizing our real needs.

By overcoming, healing, letting go, freeing from old neglecting patterns and frequencies.

The change is truly holistic.

It touches all aspects of our being from soul to physical body.

To support and best benefit of it, please:

. eat healthy and if possible raw food

. avoid anything that reduced your vibes like sugar, alcohol, smoke, meat and processed food in general

. stay up and raise high your mood

. drink plenty of liquids

. spend time to meditate

. enjoy nature

. avoid to go back to old toxic habits

. dare to manifest your new self despite the consequences

. say “No” when you feel

. say “Yes” to new appealing things

. go out on adventure and discover your new unlimited self

This is the right time to change your life.

The potential of these days is really magical.

Set your new intentions. Go for them.

Finally change your hair style, if you were thinking of it.

Open to a new look.

Explore new roads, new places.

The sensations they give you.

Book your dream journey ticket and fly…money will arrive on time.

Let go whom isn’t matching with you anymore knowing that it is not an end but part of their spring phase too.

It is really time to expand your territory, introduce new people and things.

Celebrate that beautiful, unique and powerful being that is YOU!

Otherwise nobody can do it instead.

Paola Cimarosti

#spring #spiritualgrowth #joy #freedom #loveyourself #growth #celebratelife


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