Trust In The Universe

In this period we are warmly invited to surrender a bit more and manifest on a higher level our trust in the universe. It is also time to combine work on self and delegating our life to higher wisdom.

A lot of spiritual changes are going on and more will happen soon. In this scenario staying balanced will be more and more challenging, but super possible. How?

By delegating to the universe as much as we can.

If you think about it, too often we allow ourselves to be happy only when we consider everything is sorted out and perfectly running. We want to have full control of every aspect of life and we end up by rarely being fully happy. This is an Ego game that keeps us far from ​real and full ​trust. Even when we think that we ​deeply believe and surrender, there is always something in the background that alerts us when we step far from our known patterns and comfort zone. Life is a process of constant transformation. We are in constant transition, in constant growth. So even when we think we’ve reached our goals, a good state of inner peace or a “perfect” situation…we should remember that it is just a beautiful moment to fully enjoy and use to move forward / upward. If you feel like in an endless loop and that you’ll never reach the point to be​ really and permanently​ happy, please reconsider your position and….be happy. Be happy while you are growing. It is a wonderful experience. Be happy while everything seems to fall into pieces. You can build something better. Be happy when your targets look even farer. You have more time and opportunities to learn. Just be happy! ​Allow yourself to delegate to the universe all aspects of life. You’ll be asked to do your active part at the right time and in the right way. Meanwhile demonstrate your full faith by letting the events unfold and accepting them as perfect and natural aspects of your harmony rather than black marks on it.. With this concept in mind you are welcome to join the my next channeled online meditation, to enlighten your life and embrace those beautiful marks looking at them as shining stars. Event's Contribution: 150le / 10eu See You TOMORROW on Zoom at 8pm Cairo Time. Please inbox to receive the access kink.

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Much Love! Paola

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