Rest and open your Heart

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Rest is the keyword of these current days.

The powerful Full Moon & Eclipse effects are still at work.

They dig, overturn, bring to light…free energies entrapped in our Hearts.

They open and soften our Hearts.

They prepare them to receive more and more Love.

To allow love to flow like never before.

How many times in these days, for a reason or another, you found yourself with tears in your eyes?

Let them flow. Let them take everything away..

We are quickly moving towards a very subtle and delicate inner dimension of which very heaviness or roughness will be kept outside.

Please allow yourself to t

aste the sweetness of this inner place even if for a little while.

Allow yourself to get familiar with it, because soon it will be your home…

Just let it be…Love.

Message Channeled for you by Paola Cimarosti on July 20th 2019

About the author

I'm a quite informal Spiritual person with a strong attitude for channeling.

Since young age I'm aware of multiple spiritual dimensions which I bridge for the overall well being.

​By acceding Akashic Records, Channeling Spirit Guide Messages, on line and 1 on 1 sessions I support hundreds of people around the world to find back good health, enthusiasm for life and the connection with their own Higher Self.