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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Many things have been written on abundance but very few talk about its real essence.

Often we associate abundance with materialistic wishes, with success or a specific lifestyle.

More rarely we look at it as a beautiful form of Love the Universe donates to those who dare to center in their hearts and simply accept it.

Everything is available in the energy form, from materialistic stuff to skills and talents.

It is up to us to attune, open and receive it.

Said in this way it seems quite logical and easy,

The tricky part is walking the steps to get there.

Here is a short guideline that might be helpful on your path to abundance.

1. The Divine Soup

One of the very first things to do is being able to imagine the Universe as a “Divine Soup” in which all is contained.

If you can picture this concept for yourself, move forward.

Otherwise please take more time.

2. Your Heart

This is The Place. Here is where you experience Unconditional Love and the sense of Unity. This is where you become One with the Universe.

When you are here, all falls into place.

Everything perfectly flows in the best way, direction and with a perfect timing.

Basically when you are here you are an aware part of the Perfection. There is nothing else to do apart staying there.

Take time to reach this place. To move your consciousness here and…to stay heart centered as long as you can till this becomes your normal state.

3. Let go fears and expectations

When you are regularly heart centered, you discover that there is nothing to fear and naturally let go any kind of protection.

You just surrender experiencing the limitless Power of Love.

4. You are now part of the abundance’s flow

Once you become familiar in merging with Love, you start to realize that everything is possible. Everything is there.

You are now an aware part of the Universe happily swimming into Abundance.

5. Gratitude

At this point is very natural to feel in love for the Universe and develop a deep sense of Gratitude.

Gratitude for life, for been able to feel blessed, to live in constant amazement.

You simply cannot avoid feeling grateful for the perfection manifesting all around.

When they say: “God is all around”, ”God is everywhere”.

These are more than words.

It is a state of being. Your natural state when centered in the Heart.

6. Dream big

Now that you are fearless, aware of Unity’s bliss, now that you are experiencing Love and spontaneous, genuine Gratitude…. dream big!

Allow your heart to limitless express itself, and dream.

If it is the right thing for you and the rest of the universe, at the right time, in the right form, your dream will become true.

There is nothing more powerful of a wish made by an open heart in a state of bliss.


7. Let go expectations

Trust and forget your wish.

Manifest faith in the process enjoying life in all its manifestations.

If there is something you need to do in order to reach your dream, the Universe will guide all your steps. Just be happy and light.

8. Share

Sharing your joy and positive vibes, your money, time, anything good you have, keeps the give/receive flow open.

So share now. Don’t wait to have more to start sharing.

Be generous with those in need, be kind and positive.

If you truly give from your heart without any hidden interests, than you become a blessings’ magnet.

Universe loves wise and unselfish givers.

9. Beware abundance

In order to receive, sometimes we need to make space for the new.

So don’t be afraid if you lose something or somebody, if what you considered right for you is not happening or your life turns upside down.

It might be a way to create space for your dream or one of its stages.

Especially if there is nothing you can do about it, surrender and be open to let go, including your mindset and believes.

Ah, last but not least.

Sometimes the Universe loves to give you more than you asked for, in case this happens to you, please, make sure you properly honor it by sharing, serving, bringing joy and love all over the world.

10. Live your life in a constant thanking mode

Despite you already live into abundance and bliss or you are moving the first steps on this path, please, THANK! Thank every single minute of your life, every breath, every experience, even the toughest ones.

Thank people for been part of your journey. Thank nature for hosting and offering its best.

Thank the Universe for existing and yourself for having opened your eyes and heart to it.

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