Inner Turmoil with a Happy End

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

In the last weeks we witnessed a massive Energy Shift.

Aimed at move our Consciousness much forward it deeply touched our emotions, even the very ancient ones.

We’ve been asked to dive deep in our emotions and let our protections to fall apart.

With the time we’ve built up invisible walls that now it is time to remove.

Everything around us is demanding our emotional involvement.

Hectares of forests in the world are burning at incredible speed taking away a countless number of lives.

Several people passed away during the full moon week.

Nuclear accidents.

Governments collapsing one step away from important reforms.

Even driving around in the last days become challenging for the incredible amount people who is not focused and clearly in an unbalanced state.

All this is quite tough and reaches our core, our emotions, despite the protection.

At this point in time we have just 2 options.

THE painful one, which is to Resist.

Another painful one, but with a HAPPY END, is to Allow ourselves to FEEL.

To move on in our spiritual growth, which nowadays is not anymore a choice but a fact.

We have to start to feel again.

It is time to free Manipura Chakra’s flow.

We have to find back, will power, self-esteem, warmness in the relations, Love for Life…

We have to go back to Life.

To break out from the pain & fear prison we’ve been entrapped by daily life and its manipulators.

The Planet is burning also to push humanity to awaken to itself.

We are not zombies. We are not each others enemies.

We are beautiful creations blessed by experiencing some time on an amazing Planet.

We aren't the horrible characters of the violent Hollywood movies which have been intoxicating our brains & plexus for years.

We are not the fear they want us to feel even when in our own homes.