Going with the Flow

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I love this picture for several reasons.

One is that it reminds me that the Universe always has a good plan for us.

Often better than our own plan.

The picture has been taken during an unespected holiday on the Dolomites, in Italy.

The original idea for that trip was very different: a tour of Austrian lakes and forests.

Due to harsh weather conditions we decided last minute to remain in north of Italy where we spent sunny days with family and friends.

The interesting thing is that, despite they didn't know our lakes' tour plan, all of them spontaneously took us to visit different mountain's lakes.

We saw from huge lakes to tiny special pools nestled among the rocks.

Walked along magical canyons and sat to express gratitude on the shores of emerald waters like the one in the picutre.

On top of the immense wave of love we've been overwhelmed of, we enjoied great weather, super hospitality, forest walks and, of course, amazing food.

Basically we couldn't ask for more.

God's plan was simply perfect also in providing even better emotions that we were somehow expecting to feel in our trip to Austria.

Despite as a gipsy soul l do love to travel and l'm super flexible about last minutes changes, l've to admit that l've been in "Wow! Mode" all the time.

Till now, when l rethink of it, l can just say: "Yes!

The Universe is perfect.

It always deserves to surrender to it. Is the best present we can offer to ourselves".

Going with the wave is the healthiest & happiest choice ever.

You just need to let ego at home and take a deep breath.

Then jump!


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About the author

I'm quite an informal Spiritual person with a strong aptitude for channeling.

Since a young age I've been aware of multiple spiritual dimensions which I bridge for the overall well being.

​By accessing Akashic Records, Channeling Spirit Guide Messages, on line and 1 on 1 sessions I support hundreds of people around the world to find back good health, enthusiasm for life and the connection with their own Higher Self.

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