Free your Mind, Free Your Life

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

In the last weeks we’ve been subjected to an intense cleansing phase which involved mainly the back Heart and back Solar Plexus Chakra.

A lot of stored emotions have been released and old wounds started a self-healing process.

A massive energy flow moved up to the back Throat and the back Ajna Chakra, where might have found tensions and old blockages.

This could have caused a persistent neck pain and a disturbing headache.

Here is where we currently are on our consciousness’ path to the Crown and all its meanings.

After the Emotions’ plane we are now dealing with the Mind/Mental dimension.

It is time now to let go old believes and structures.

To free our mind from the image we have of life in order to welcome a new, wiser, one.

We are invited to recognize what in us is limiting our vision and, as a consequence, our life.

All stagnant believes which aren’t serving our progress anymore are going to be dismantled and removed to welcome new, higher, paradigms.

This might temporarily cause symptoms like:

- mental confusion

- feeling of loss

- unclear vision

- weakness feeling

- increase the already ongoing inner tiredness

- feeling unsure

- subtle fear

- memory disorders (weak short term memory, old/past life memories poping up might follow in the next phase )

- sleeping disorders

- accelerated heartbeat

How to deal with it.

The first and main thing is to be aware that this is part of an awakening process not necessary a disease’s symptom. So don’t panic :)

Of course common healthy life and nutrition habits are perfect also in these case.

Just to mention few:

- drink a lot of water (if in plastic bottles make sure to pour it in a glass jar and cool it in the fridge to purify)

- go for raw food (cooked food is dead, you need life energy!)

- bless your food and drinks before consumption