Energy Update November 2020

Beautiful Souls,

I do hope you've had peaceful and inspiring days. Meanwhile our transition and ascension process continued offering frequent ups and downs to which I believe you started to get used to and adapt.

As you already know we are quickly upgrading our energy and physical bodies to always higher vibes. We keep integrating new spiritual codes, awakening memories and ancient knowledge, letting go of our safe zone to welcome the "unknown".

Actually, it is unknown to our minds, but very familiar to our souls as it is the way leading back home.

During our journey we experience different kinds of symptoms including tiredness, mental confusion and a new odd feeling of been disconnected and not able to communicate with the higher realm in the same way we were used to.

Despite the sensation of feeling weak and lost, we are not at all. We just need to dedicate some time to our Crown Chakra to align it with the new signals. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is to meditate.

Here is a guided meditation I channeled during the recent 31st Oct Full Moon.

It has been an upgrading full moon that "magically" occurred the night in which the veil between spiritual and physical worlds is thin.

Like all my meditations it is suitable for anyone but especially recommended to Reiki and Energy Healing practitioners and those who are committed to supporting others.

Enjoy it!

And enjoy the ascension process. It is #AJourneyToJoy we choose to live that deserves to be experienced with a positive attitude and a good dose of enthusiasm!

🔹For any questions, feedback and support, please feel free to inbox or WhatsApp +201003972581

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About the author

I'm quite an informal Spiritual Healer with 20y of professional experience and a natural aptitude for Channeling.

From a young age I spontaneously access Akashic Records and channel Spirit Guides.

For over 20 years I've been committed in spreading Self Healing as I believe we all have the tools and the ability to heal ourselves. We just need to remember it and rediscover how.

I try to transmit to others my same enthusiasm and positivity about life and spiritual growth through Sessions, Workshops Retreats and Reiki Courses.

My motto? Life is #AJourmeyToJoy

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