Eheric Cords Cutting

Etheric cords are energy connections/pathways between us and others.

They might be either positive and nourishing, than not positive and draining.

It is important to regularly remove the non positive ones.

There are several methods.

As we have an endless cords' number of which we aren't always aware, one of my favorite technique is:

1. Imagine a unique cord that represents all the non positive connections.

2. Visualize a big golden scissor cutting it in 2 parts.

3. See the 2 separate parts slowly sinking in the sea while feeling you energy shifting.

4. Thank the universe

Note that cords are constantly generated as a normal aspect of our life.

For that it is advised to regularly repeat this or other exercises in order to maintain your energy free and healthy.

If you like to receive more info about or get support in cutting your own cords feel free to mail

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