Dare to Shine

Dear All,

I hope you had a peaceful Christmas time.

This week l'm writing from the beautiful Dolomites mountain chain in the North of Italy.

Outside my window l can only see snow and l strongly feel its invitation to retire and just be.

Just be is actually the topic of our next online meditation.

Just be yourself.

Just let your true colors be seen.

Who have followed me for a long time know very well how difficult it has been for me to come out even for just a little bit.

I'm very aware that sometimes it is not easy, but with the years l had to admit that to manifest ourselves is a crucial part of our path.

The world needs us as we are.

That's why we are here with all our great, and less great, gifts.

In the past we had a similar meditation.

Now it is time to shine even more.

We're asked to proudly manifest our being that is our POWER.

We're also asked to observe it and observe its effect in our life and on others.

You might be amazed in acknowledging how much light there is inside of you.

And how powerful it is.

Imagine now its power at the service of all beings....how much good you can do.

For that you've been blessed with it.

For that you cannot hide it anymore.

We all need your contribution to create and live in a new society.

So, please, allow yourself to shine.

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