Dancing the Change

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Sometimes we feel the call to look at our life as per it really is.

So we ask the universe to give us transparent lenses through which aknowledge who we really are and how we are shapimg our life.

All might seam much brighter but, sometimes, confusingly, upside down.. Transparent lenses infact not only increase brightness, they open us to new perspectives, considerations, ideas, possibilities. Which ones?

What to do? How to get there?

The answer is inside of yourself. Just tune with your heart and feel. What do you feel? Harmony? Joy? Fear?

Pity? That is the nature of your own reality. If you don't like it it means it is time for a big change. Time to create a new yourself where things are straight and bright. Where all resonates with Love.

Fix your old patterns, let go, modify.

Accept who you are and fix what makes things upside down. It might be difficult, sometimes painful, but the outcome is always a concentration of pure Light.

The same creative Light we all come from and to which we all are walking back.. Changing ourselves brings us closer to our final destinationa and source. Home..

So don't fear the change, celebrate it instead.

Dance in its light while embracing all possibilities.

Flow with it.

Share it. Love it!

Paola Cimarosti

About the author

I'm a quite informal Spiritual person with a strong attitude for channeling.

Since young age I'm aware of multiple spiritual dimensions which I bridge for the overall well being.

​By acceding Akashic Records, Channeling Spirit Guide Messages, on line and 1 on 1 sessions I support hundreds of people around the world to find back good health, enthusiasm for life and the connection with their own Higher Self.

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