Coping With The Change

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Maybe this picture better explains what we've been witnessing for some years and where we are going.

The change is happening on Earth and in our inner dimesion. is ok to feel: - confused - anxious - lost - sad for no reason - super energized - super tired for no reason - have sudden high fever that suddely desappears - unstable mood - hormonal temporarly disfunctions - bad short memory - eating temporarly disorders - been more psychic (that dosen't necessarely mean spiritual) - feeling the urge to make important life changes but feeling stuck - old wounds/traumas/pains reopening (in order to be seen and healed) - stronger empathy - love overwhelmed

The list is long but l'm sure you already can recognise yourself in it.

So breath, meditate, do regular self healing patient!

The way to walk is still long, it might be a terrible one or a joyful adventure.

All is about how you take it. If you allow your ego to be on stage, you'll play the drama by feeling like a helpless victim.

If drama is not your style be positive and forget your little garden.

Think bigger.

There is no ME anymore, there is US.

Duality will desappear with the old planet...jump on the unconditional love one and enjoy the Universe show.

You'll never witness something so great again!

For more info and advice on "coping with the change": Whatsapp +201003972581

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About the author

I'm quite an informal Spiritual person with a strong aptitude for channeling.

Since a young age I've been aware of multiple spiritual dimensions which I bridge for the overall well being.

​By accessing Akashic Records, Channeling Spirit Guide Messages, on line and 1 on 1 sessions I support hundreds of people around the world to find back good health, enthusiasm for life and the connection with their own Higher Self.

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