Updated: Feb 27, 2020

We normally think time flies.. Let's try to reverse the perspective.

For a moment look at time as something still, which hosts the fruits of what you seeded.

Try to feel time in terms of events, experiences, emotions you lived.

It will enrich your soul.

And now, for a while, let go your agenda, numbers and dates.

Just live the present moment as the only existing thing.

It is such a deep feeling!

When you look back, recall your sensations instead of the dates.

When you look forward, feel what you want and the person you want to be, instead of a stressful plan.

Everything will happen at the right time. And everything you'll have is the result of...Now!

So put all your best energy in the present moment where anxiety, fears and doubts fade.

Where the only existing thing is Love...


#time #love #hereandnow #paolacimarosti

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