5 Easy Ways To Quickly Relax

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Busy life?

Time is never enough?

You just need 5 minutes to find back your center and inner peace.

Find just 5 minutes, a calm place and 2 glasses of water.

Drink one glass of water and intuitively choose one of the following:

1. Blue light visualization

Imagine an electric blue light entering from your crown chakra and spreading all over your body.

Hold this image for as long you intuitively feel to do so … Breath...

Let it flow.

2. Practice Hakini Mudra

Read here for how to practice it.

It does miracles!

3. Be present on your breath

Pull up your shoulders. Keep them tightly up close to your ears for a few seconds.

Then suddenly, all at once, release the tension by letting them drop back down while you’re exhaling.

Repeat 3 times or more.

4. The Sacred Space

Close your eyes.

Create with your imagination a wonderful place.

It must be a place in nature. Create every single detail, from the shape of the flowers to the sound of the river or the butterflies’ size.

Be there with all your awareness and smile.

Just remember to come back and to keep smiling once done.

5. Flight mode

Imagine all your stress sources been collected into a transparent big case.

Close it.

Visualize the flight mode icon on its front side.

Touch the icon and feel them isolated from you.

You can still see them, if you want, but there is no interaction.

Enjoy your relaxing time alone.

You can keep the flight mode on forever, no need to take back all that load.

Solutions will naturally and easily arise more than ever.

When you come back to here and now after any of these exercises, smile and thank the universe.

Drink the second glass of water to quickly ground and physically integrate all the relaxation benefits.

About the author

I'm quite an informal Spiritual Healer with 20y of professional experience and a natural aptitude for Channeling.

From a young age I spontaneously access Akashic Records and channel Spirit Guides.

For over 20 years I've been committed in spreading Self Healing as I believe we all have the tools and the ability to heal ourselves. We just need to remember it and rediscover how.

I try to transmit to others my same enthusiasm and positivity about life and spiritual growth through Sessions, Workshops Retreats and Reiki Courses.

My motto? Life is #AJourmeyToJoy

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