10 Autumn Equinox Considerations

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Equinox marks the point when day and night are exactly the same length of time.

It is a moment of great natural balance and considerations.

Review your life to spot the out of balance areas and celebrate the ones in perfect harmony.

Here 10 aspects you might consider to look at:

  • Are you investing enough time in self care?

  • Are you making me time as well as business and family life?

  • Are you investing in your dreams?

  • Are you practicing childlike playfulness?

  • Are you laughing every day?

  • Are you spending more time inside or outside?

  • Are you making eye contact when talking with somebody?

  • Are you allowing yourself to dream big?

  • Are you using your time wisely?

  • Are you in the love flow?

Aligning with Equinox balance helps to develop inner peace and satisfaction.

Life manifests you dreams easier and faster and you definitely boost your growth.

Paola Cimarosti

About the author

I'm quite an informal Spiritual person with a strong aptitude for channeling.

Since a young age I've been aware of multiple spiritual dimensions which I bridge for the overall well being.