Reiki Training Courses

with Paola

Online and in Person

Certifications 1 - 2 - 3/Master

Re discover your Natural Healing Power by learning Reiki (Life Force) Healing.

Easy, safe and super powerful it will represent a life changing experience for yourself and your loved ones.



Reiki Level 1

You will learn Self Healing and to trust in yourself and in the process.

Receive the attunement to Reiki which enables you to become a channel for this healing energy.

Once attuned you will be able to give Reiki to yourself and anyone else for the rest of your life.



Reiki Level 2

Learn to perform Distant Healing and heal through space and time, anywhere, whenever you choose to.

This level is considered the practitioner level of Reiki.

You’ll receive a second attunement and 3 of the 5 main symbols will be given and activated in your Aura.



Reiki Level 3 Master

Learn to channel even more Reiki energy and open yourself to another level of healing.

You will be taught and attuned to the Teacher Level Reiki Symbols and will learn the ceremony that empowers you to pass on this energy and healing.

For Info, Advice & Reservations:

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