About Myself

I'm a quite informal Natural Spiritual Healer with a strong aptitude for channeling.

Since young age I'm aware of multiple spiritual dimensions which I bridge for the overall well being.

By acceding Akashic Records and Channeling Spirit Guide Messages I support hundreds of people around the world to find back good health, enthusiasm for life and the connection with their own Higher Self.

​For over 20 years I'm also committed in spreading Self Healing.

By birth right we all can do a lot for our own health by using Energy, Breath, Meditation, Yoga, and all the many gifts the Creation gave us including our mind.

​Through Retreats, Workshops, Classes, Lectures and Session I try to make Healing and Spiritual Awareness easy and accessible for all.

The result is amazing, even for me.

It is a Joy to watch so many beautiful blooming flowers!

​The topics I treat are Channeled as well as the contents, for that always very tailored and so effective.

Same thing is for Healing Sessions, Reiki Courses or Healing Yoga.


Talking about Certifications.

I’ve got some, but the Channeling factor always takes over.

Anyway you might be happy to know that I’m a certified Reiki Master, an Advanced Pranic Healer specialized in Pranic Psychotherapy, Haratic Yogi, and something more…

I also work with Bach Flowers, Aura & Chakra Reading, Morphological Massage, Past Life Regression, .the list is long..

I let you to enjoy the treatments page.

From 2004 life took me to the Holy Land of Sinai where I remained to live and offer also Desert Therapy tailored Retreats.

My gypsy blood here is happy but not so calm…it feels the Bedouin, nomadic, vibes…so I regularly work also in Cairo and in Italy.

On line sessions are also a big and pleasureful part of my job.
I love to relate with people from all around the world.

I’m a free soul who needs big spaces and the Universe is my home.

About Ahmed Moussa

Ahmed is a very sensitive soul and talented Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner.

Formerly IT man with a strong passion for spirituality and diving, he begun to move in the healing field in early 2018 after receiving his Reiki second level course.

From then he assisted his Master in several courses deepening knowledge, practice and sensitivity.

But what took his heart enough to willing to work with it was another technique:

Access Consciousness Bars.

He met it in June 2018 when received a tester session from who lately become his Master.

The benefits were so clear and immediate that awoke in him the willingness to study it and share it with more and more people.

Accordingly with his Master he is really talented practitioner and the clients’ feedback is always very positive.

After a period of work in South Sinai (Sharm and Dahab), Ahmed is now regularly working in Cairo helping many people in finding more balance and reducing stress levels with all its negative effects on body and soul.

You can meet Ahmed in Sharm, Dahab, El Tor, Cairo and Italy.


whatsapp +201009673460


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