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Paola is wonderful and I'm really happy to meet her on my way. Paola helped me tremendously. ! Feel much happier and lighter with more energy and wisdom after individual sessions and looking forward for a new one! As well participated in 3 online meditations guided by Paola, very powerful and lovely! Thank you so much, dear Paola!

Nataliya G, Ukraine


Did both moon retreat in desert Wadi and energetic channeling.

Very quiet, respectful and empathetic professional approach.

Felt very safe and free.

I'll do it again as soon as I'm back to Egypt.

Gertrude van Velzen, NL


I called Paola because I was suffering anxiety and panic attacks, which really shouldn’t be happening in beautiful Dahab!

During my first session I actually felt the shift in my body and by the end I felt so much more relaxed and less stressed.

The difference was remarkable, especially to a sceptic like me!

After 3 sessions I can honestly say that Paola changed my life and made me so much more able to deal with things and the anxiety has lifted considerably so Thank you.

I will be back in October and will resume my sessions.

Gillian, UK


Paola is really full of knowledge that she wants to share and she did it really well in this REIKI 1 course

She easily explained a lot of infos and it was really nice having the opportunity to learn from her

We learned a lot about harmony with only the energy between all of us as participants of the course

It was really nice to have this space of sharing our backgrounds and supporting each other.

It was a lovely experience that I would recommend to everyone interested in energy healing to try

Chaden Akl, Cairo


I really enjoyed and embraced the meetings I had with Paola so far

The Reiki 1 course was in a beautiful location and lots of interesting insights and techniques were learned

The full moon meditation in the desert was really beautiful and transforming.

The setting is really beautiful and with Paola by your side, you always feel good supported for the shift that you make.

She is really caring and aware and is interested in how you feel and how your process is going for you.

Also, when you have questions or wanna share your feelings, thoughts and experiences, you can always send her a text, which is really really helpful!

All in all I want to say thank you, dear Paola and I hope to see you soon.

Jana Lenze, Paris